The Hwarang Phantom

THE PURITY and TRUTH of Authentic Hwarang.
I opened the very first pure and true Hwarang dojang in North America in 1970 after coming back from South Korea in the late 60’s training in the pure and true Hwarang system while serving in the U.S. Army on the zone (DMZ). I brought back the true Hwarang system which is NOT called Hwarang-Do this is not the true system of Hwarang.  There is no “Do” on the end of Hwarang.   Do is Japanese.   To stay away from this name Hwarang-Do (Hapkido) which is not true Hwarang, I renamed Hwarang and founded the Hwa Rang Mul Sul system meaning “Flowering Knights Martial Techniques”.

I teach the pure and true system of Hwarang to which I have never added techniques from any other styles and or tactics.  I have NEVER trained under any other system or any other master or teacher…only under my master of Hwarang Master Kim, Cheung Lee who was part Chinese and Korean and the last Hwarang masters in South Korea during the 60’s.   I have carried on his teachings of pure and true Hwarang to this day and have never watered down or added to the system ever.

We are NOT any part of the Joo Bang Lee association what so ever and never will be not even when I trained in Korea during the 60’s and we are NOT Hwarang-do or any part of that system of Hwarang-do…they are totally different. We are Hwa Rang Mul Sul, NOT Hwarang-do…never will be. Different system totally.

Grand Master Hud

Code of ethics

Many do not use code or code of ethics….virtues or the vows let alone rules or regulations within their teachings or school let alone from the soul of teachings money dictates their teachings and money is the rules of the house only creating falsehoods and fantasyland mrtial arts within with fake TITLES and belts. I teach with a code…code of ethics…vows and virtues of hwarang written in stone with rules and extreme regulations. I live my teachings in pure dedication to life within.

– Grand Master Hud

A student of the martial arts

I am only a student of the martial arts until my last breath . We can never forget where we came from the beginning…once a white always a white belt at death. White to black to white the circle the path.the belt begins white and ends white. Always a student. Never forget the beginnings or you loose your path and true direction of the soul within.

– Grand Master Hud

Martial Arts Society

The society of martial arts is loosing the true way of tradition of honor and respect with no integrity within of no brotherhood of backstabbers, haters, and jealously and childish mind games of the young so called martial arts wannabes who CAN’T make it in true martial arts creating disgusting and dishonorable behavior. What a total disgrace the way they act because they are jealous of the true martial artist who put blood sweat and tears in their long years of pure dedication to become a real martial artist where this young ones creating hate and trying to discredited the ones who worked hard. Total disgusting behavior within society today of the young. The young are flushing our society into great cess pool of animals of dishonesty and no respect of others….no feelings…remorseless animals even in the martial arts sitting behind the montor acting badass talking tough hiding behind a key board. The cess pool in society of the young animals are a disgrace to humanity and being human. Creating hate groups disguising themselves behind a false name and monitor stabbing people in the back playing childish games like kindergarten kids. Step up on any traditional martial arts floor and be a true man face to face not a key board wannabe tough guy hiding behind the monitor mouthing off. Step up be all you can be be a real man. Disgusting world of animals within society. We have become the great cess pool of ANIMALS.

– Grand Master Hud

“I know.”

Once you become I Know…I know…and I KNOW then you become a great expert in nothing but hot air and brain dead walking into the wall getting great knots on forehead for not taking the golden key of knowledge and opening the great door to the path of universal education you were born with naturally.

– Grand Master Hud

On Teaching

We teach from the true soul within for the good of humanity and make the universe of the brotherhood among all. We are not teaching for ourselves but for the good of the world not evil money or glory.

– Grand Master Hud


Cycle within the circle…the seed…the life…the birth…the breath….the beginning…the path…the way…never ending…the education…the knowledge…universal student of life…death…rebirth…………Travelers of the circle within….never ending.

– Grand Master Hud

On being a student

I am just a humble student in life from birth to death then a student of death and still trying to understand the know of knowing. We were born with knowledge at birth but many become stupid after taking the first breath in life become idiots of not knowing and forgetting the path and the way from beginning to end of knowledge by closing the door to the universal education in life. The circle.

– Grand Master Hud


Trust is just a word now that many CAN’T even spell it or understand the reality of the word. You CAN’T even trust the word trust among society any longer. The only word you really trust is STUPIDITY and herds of IDIOT backstabbers within the brotherhood. Friendship is a corrupted word also NO TRUST. Just like the vote in this country which can no longer be trusted because you cannot trust the word trust let alone the vote of the people.

– Grand Master Hud