History of Hwarang

Please note: we are NOT and have NEVER BEEN part of Mr. Joo Bang Lee’s Hwarang-Do system in California. Grand Master Hud trained exclusively in Hwarang under his master in South Korea. What Mr. Joo Bang Lee teaches as Hwarang-Do and what Grand Master Hud teaches as Hwa Rang Mul Sul are different in many ways and they have NO connection whatsoever with each other.

The Hwa Rang Mul Sul traditions, and teachings had great influence from China when the Turkic-Manchurian-Mongolians invaded into Korea bringing with them many styles of hand-to-hand combat fighting, weapons, and their culture within the country.

Han Dynasty armies invaded Korea in the 2nd Century for 400 years occupying, and controlling  the country.  During this period of time, many of the Northern styles of the Chinese martial arts created a foundation for the Korean Shadow Warrior martial arts system (Sul-sa: Knights of the Night) of Hwa Rang Mul Sul with different teachings, and training in many styles of Northern China.

Tang-lang style (hard – external techniques  /  characteristic of the Northern Tiger Claw, Eagles Claw, Northern Preying Mantis), combined with the Hsing-I style (soft  – internal / characterized by the five elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth) which had been spread throughout China from the Northern Shaolin martial arts.  The many Northern martial arts styles, and the variety of combat martial arts weaponry from China became the foundation of the Hwa Rang Mul Sul system.

The great Secretive Shadow Warrior system (Moshuh Nanren) of Northern China that has existed for over 5,000 years was passed into the training of the Hwarang Warrior Knights system establishing the Shadow Warrior of Hwa Rang (Flowering Knights) Shadow Warrior Martial Arts system called Sul-sa (Knights of the Night) within the Shilla Dynasty (57 B.C. – 936 AD).

During this period of the Hwarang; their system of fighting was taken to Japan by travelling monks.   The Korean Hwa Rang Warrior Knights & Chinese Moshuh Nanren Warrior Knights (Shadow Warriors) martial arts system had great influence on the foundation of many of the martial arts practices in Japan from the 2nd Century right through to the 6th Century during the Chinese T’ang Dynasty that controlled Korea, and were carried by Envoys, and Monks from Korea to Japan during this period in history until the 17th Century at the end of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895.  The system of the Hwarang (Sul-sa – Knights of the Night) had great influence on the Ninjitsu, and Jujitsu systems during that period of time.  After the decline of the Hwarang, and non-existent during the end of the 7th Century in the Shilla Kingdom.  The Japanese, and Chinese continue to practice this great art of the shadow warrior system.  The Japanese have built a great system of Ninjitsu which was established during the 12th century, that is still practiced today throughout the world.

The Hwa Rang Mul Sul system is the forerunner, and mother art of all Korean styles of martial arts practice within South Korea, and World-wide (Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan, Hapkido, etc), to name a few.

Many of the old, and new styles of Korea have been renamed, and history rewritten by different Martial Art Teachers to suit their needs in the modern World, for the purpose of financial gain, and not for the advancement of the Korean Martial Arts into the Science, and Technology of today.

This written history is part of the Korean historical background that has been rewritten over and over again, changed by many people, and martial artist alike who have trained in the martial arts of Korea, and researched, or not.  The history of the Hwarang was also passed down through the years from Master to Master of past generations, and to Grand Master Hud’s from his Master, and research done.  We here at The Korean Hwarang Martial Arts Federation®, we take the history only has a learning experience for a teaching method ONLY!!

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Where ever your martial art comes from, as members of any system, or style;  just believe in yourself, and what you can become for the better of humanity, yourself as a human being, for the World, and help each other as human beings.  We must protect each other from the bad guys in this crazy world we live in now!

– Grand Master ‘Hud’

We teach the ancient art of the old Korean Shadow Warrior Martial Arts system (Sul-sa – Knights of the Night) of Hwa Rang Mul Sul!   This system of the Korean Shadow Warrior Knights fell in decline at the end of the 7th Century, until the system became almost NON-EXISTENT!   Grand Master Hud tries to keep this old traditional Korean Martial Arts system (Sul-sa) of Hwa Rang Mul Sul the Hwarang Warrior Knights passed to him from his Master alive for the people of South Korea, their country, Grand Master Hud’s Master, and his ancestry.

The Hwa Rang Mul Sul system was passed on with the old Korean art of kicking, the hard/soft techniques of the Chinese Northern martial arts, and combat weaponry, Korean/Chinese Hyungs (patterns), pressure point take downs/throws, and locks, etc., combat fighting tactics for everyday life, different aspects of sparring, and other advance techniques within Hwa Rang Mul Sul.  This system was passed down to Grand Master Hud by his Master in South Korea, and now with the combined teachings, and training of Master Kum’s Monk in South Korea of the Royal Buddhist Monastery Martial Arts (Sunmudo) passed onto her, and has been added to Hwa Rang Mul Sul .

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