Hwa Rang Mul Sul

Please note: we are NOT and have NEVER BEEN part of Mr. Joo Bang Lee’s Hwarang-Do system in California.  Grand Master Hud trained exclusively in Hwarang under his master in South Korea.  What Mr. Joo Bang Lee teaches as Hwarang-Do and what Grand Master Hud teaches as Hwa Rang Mul Sul are different in many ways and they have NO connection whatsoever with each other.

Our dojang (school) is based on the old traditional ways of teaching the Korean School of Seon(Zen) “Mind of No Mind”, and the Korean Sul-sa Shadow Warrior system of Martial Arts of Hwa Rang Mul Sul®.

“Hall of Famer” Grand Master “Hud” Huddleston Sr., the world renowned founder of Hwa Rang Mul Sul®, and our teachers, are totally committed to the true way of teaching of the old traditions of the Korean Shadow Warriors Martial Arts System (Knights of the Night).

Our objective is to teach the pure, traditional  ancient art of fighting of Hwa Rang Mul Sul® to our members in order to survive extreme situations anywhere.  The art and science of survival in the offensive fighting with hand, foot,  pressure point techniques, grappling, take down techniques, and weapons is a way of life.

We teach the art, and science of Hwa Rang Mul Sul®, traditions, and language of Korea to our members to have a better understanding of Hwarang Mul Sul®, the country of Korea, and it’s people.

“Hwa Rang Mul Sul® Warrior Knights embody self-discipline, hard work with sweat, perseverance, dedication, and learning to NEVER say, “I can’t” and never giving up no matter what!   With a ‘WILL’ theres is always a ‘WAY’ to survive.   Failure is not an option within this system of martial arts, or in my teachings”.

Grand Master Hud