From Parents

My son and I stumbled upon Grand Master Hud’s Korean Hwarang Martial Arts studio quite by accident. I was looking for a martial arts school for my son Paul and actually had him in one of the Tae Kwon Do programs in the area at one point but found it to be TOO Expensive and very Ineffective. Feeling a bit hesitant at first my son and I decided to stop by one night after a mile run around the track at a local school. Within a few minutes we were being welcomed and joined by the students “on the floor”. To my delight within the hour Grand Master Hud had my son saying “yes sir, and no sir and yes ma’am” to me.

Duly impressed, I enrolled my son, Paul, in the program and have never been disappointed. Grand Master Hud took an otherwise good kid and not only made him aware of respect, attainment of goals and honor, but made him into an even better kid and now a young man. These qualities are not being instilled in the local schoolsquite like Grand Master Hud instills them. Paul has excelled in school, has become a very respectful young man and all the while is learning valuable life lessons in self-protection and awareness of his environment. He now has a better sense of self, goals and confidence.

I cannot speak more highly of the results and change I have seen in my son under Grand Master Hud’s tutelage.

Thank you!

Sandra Darling-Winter

There is a lot to be said about Grand Master Hud, his dojang and how my children have changed over such a short amount of time. I have two children who have been training under Grand Master Hud. My husband and I didn’t really know what we were really signing up for when we wanted our children to do Martial Arts. We just wanted our children to have something to do so that they weren’t bored at home. We will say that we have not regretted any of our decision making in this at all. Grand Master Hud absolutely 100% dedicates his time, attention, and passionto teaching. I have never seen anyone so dedicated as he is.
My children are learning traditional Hwarang Martial Arts. He also emphasizes that school homework and family are of upmost importance. My children look forward to going to dojang every night. There are even times when my son, David, even wants to stay there all day and wonder why dojang is closed on Sunday. My children are definitely better-rounded because their Grand Master is also well-rounded. Over such a little short time (a few months)we can already see improvements in our children. They are more responsible in their actions, cooperate with one another as well as the family much better, and enhanced their confidence as well as their stamina and strength.
Would we refer families to this dojang?

Amy & Bee Lor

“My son was having so many self control issues two years ago and I knew I had to do something. Someone mentioned martial arts and we found Grand Master Hud. It was the best thing I ever did for my son. He is much better behaved and even thanks me for it. Best forms in town.
If you try it you wont be disappointed”.

Cynthia Sloniker
(Mother of Red Belt Anthony 12 years Old)

“Josiah Carlson is 10 years old, is diagnosed with Autism, coordination issues, sensory processing issues, hearing loss, speaking issues, and much more. Josiah is a great kid whose confidence,social skills, and fine and gross motor skills has improved allot under the direction, and teachings of  Grand Master ‘Hud’. So I don’t like listing all his struggles, but this review is of Master ‘Hud’, and his training of special needs kids, and adults, so I had to let you know Josiah’s starting point when he started going to Grand Master ‘Hud’s dojang for training”.
“Having a teacher like this to connect with, and help the individual with special needs connect to a meaningful productive life, and to a social life with peers, and typically developed people is a dream to parents and special needs people of all ages.  But for many it remains a dream.  Well, it doesn’t have to be a dream any longer for Grand Master Hud is one of these teachers.
What’s more is the skill, and gifting of  Grand Master Hud to see exactly what is going on with Josiah, even when therapists didn’t see the problem. Grand Master Hud can tell exactly what is going on with Josiah and begin working on fixing what can be fixed, and working with the rest.  There is a difference between being simply a teacher, doctor or therapist and being gifted excellent and productive at being one of these to individuals with special needs and Master Hud is of the latter type”.
“Grand Master Hud has helped tremendously with Josiah. Other professionals didn’t see what Master Hud was able to see.  Josiah’s diagnosis was unclear with allot of incorrect assessments and conclusions making it difficult for therapists to know what to do to help him function better in life. Grand Master Hud listened, and did research on Josiah’s specific challenges to understand autism but doesn’t stop there.  He sees the reason behind Josiah’s struggles with coordination is because his mind isn’t communicating with his body effectively. Grand Master Hud is very competent in seeing these types of things and knowing how to help Josiah overcome them or work around them”.
“For example he sees that Josiah needs protection when he runs. Most of Josiah’s worst injuries occurred when he tried to run. As a result of his guidance, we don’t have Josiah run without head, elbow, and knee protective gear because Grand Master Hud saw this, and taught us how to protect our son from injury.  This is one of the things that other professionals didn’t see that Grand Master Hud was able to identify and help us as parents to resolve. Josiah has had a myriad of challenges physically which has made it easy for Doctors and therapist to miss the details like this (fall protection) that has probably saved Josiah from having permanent brain damage and potentially savedhis life”.
“Grand Master Hud even works with Josiah on his speech, communicationsskill, and sports. Josiah can now speak with a clearer commandvoice that gets respect, catch a ball, hit a ball with a bat, and shoot hoops, which every dad’s wants for his son! I could go on, but to keep this review short I will just say Grand Master Hud refuses toquit or accept less than the full potential of an individual in his tutelage, training, teachings, and coaching, and doesn’t seechallenges in special needs situations as a hassle or an inconvenience.  He values the individual and sees their potential and genuinely cares for them as a human being as well instilling this value in all his students. We can all learn from Grand Master Hud how to respect, protect, befriend, treat and connect heart to heart with individuals with special needs.  Even though Grand Master Hud has studied allot to learn what he knows on how to work with those with special needs, it is very natural, and a part of him.  He is not robotic or distant as he helps our son; he is just as important to him as his other students who have typical body functions”.
“Grand Master Hud has changed the way we help Josiah as parents as well. He cares for his students’ whole life and trains them for life not just in sports or performing martial arts in the dojang”.
“His patience with Josiah is amazing. Many professionals and parents have no idea the volume of patience that is necessary on the scale that is required in order to work with individuals with special needs.  Grand Master Hud teaches this as well by example and by actualinstructions to us as parents and to other students under him. In society we get caught up as parents in everybody else’s impatience with Josiah, thinking it is what is normal treatment of Josiah, but Grand Master Hud shows us that is not normal to ignore special needs people just because it takes longer to understand them, talk to them, and connect with them. This can be taught and practiced”.
“All this is great, and it is impossible to have a favorite thing Grand Master Hud has done for Josiah, but if there were it might be that practice and belief of Grand Master Hud to teach his other students to connect with, support and protect people with special needs.  This was a dream of ours as parents after hearing stories (few as they are) of coaches and teachers changing the lives of those with special needs by being the trainer, and catalyst to connect peers to the child and the child to peers of typical abilities”.
“Grand Master Hud has overcome Polio in his youth, and has a unique skillset and passion to help special needs people.  It is amazing to watch and be blessed by his passion, dedication and determination to help our son be able to develop physically, mentally, and socially”.
“In our World allot of work has been done to eliminate prejustice, and we all dream of different races working together and see it every day, but something that is missed many of the times is the unity we are to have with individuals with special needs. We are not taught how to connect with them, nor they to us. Well, let’s change the World, along with Master Hud, and learn how to do this from people like Grand Master Hud”.

With much gratitude,
Jesse and Katie Carlson (Parent’s of student Josiah)

From Students

 “The level of teachings, and training at The Korean Hwarang Martial Arts Federation® under Grand Master “Hud”is very similar to the teachings I received from my monk in the monastery in South Korea when I was young, it is like returning to Korea when I enter into our dojang each night for training in Everett”. 
“Thank you, my Yobo(Korean for Husband), Grand Master Hud!!!”
Master “Kum”
Chil Dan – 7th Dan Black Belt (Hwa Rang Mul Sul)
Vice President/Co-Owner/Manager

 “In my 20 years of martial arts training in various styles, and am proficient in, many incredible arts, but Hwa Rang Mul Sul, the original art for Korean basis for styles like Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, to name a few, is the most physiologically precise, effective, and thorough style I’ve encountered!”
“Kuk Sa-nim (Grand Master) “Hud” really breaks it down, and personally teaches combative technique, and specific applications (offensive & defensive), concepts, and strategy, with respect, and integrity to every male, and female student in a No-nonsense traditional manner.” 
      “THIS is the style I’ve been searching for!!”
Member “Milo” Johnson
Competitive Team Coach – Levels 9, 10, & Elite
Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center
Senior 1st Grade Red Belt – Black Stripe (Hwa Rang Mul Sul)

“It’s a different way of discipline for your mind, and body, and pushing your limits to a higher standards. 
 It is definitely not your typical martial arts school.”

Member “Diana” Almaraz
Senior 9th Grade White Belt (Hwa Rang Mul Sul)

“About three weeks ago, I began the Forced Yoga Class with Grand Master ‘Hud’ at his Korean Hwarang Martial Arts School.  My simple intent was “to exercise, and get fit”.  Now I have achieved better balance, endurance, core strength, and a flexibility which I have not had in 25 years.  My life has changed, as now I find myself wanting to eat healthier foods.  The joint pains, and aches I thought were just normal aging has disappeared.  I sleep through the night, and feeling better as I learn how to relax with Meditation through Grand Master ‘Hud’s teachings”.
“If you want results, come join me in this class with Grand Master ‘Hud’.  I have had several personal trainers at different health clubs, and have taken Yoga Classes before, but Grand Master ‘Hud’ emphasizes proper technique, and positioning correctly so there is no risk of injury. 
 If I can do it, so can you”.
Patty M.(67 Year Old Female Senior)                                  
Member of  Grand Master ‘Hud’s Forced Yoga Class

“When I first heard that my brother was attending the Hwarang Martial Arts, I decided to start with him for support to learn how to defend myself, and receive a great workout. Little did I know I would benefit with something much more, from history to traditions, culture, to learning more ways to deal with my troubled wrists, and my back problems in two weeks than I have in many years of doctor’s appointments”.
“Never did I anticipate how their teachings would change my whole outlook on life, and my confidence I haven’t felt in years.  This art has giving me a goal that I strive to achieve, and the discipline I’ve been lacking in my chaotic life, and a drastic change to not only my physique, but my mind as well”.
“There is an integrity, and honesty to their teachings that is very genuine, and refreshing. Everyday I look forward to focusing my time to improving my techniques, and expanding my mind”.
“So heres to you, Kuk Sa-nim(Grand Master) ‘Hud’, and Dosa-nim(Master) ‘Kum’ for everything you’ve given me so far, and the many years to come with you”. 

Member “Tyler” Handyside
Certified Pedorthist (C.Ped)
Senior 9th Grade White Belt – Black Stripe(Hwa Rang Mul Sul)

“After years of being out of shape and having an almost daily discomfort in my back, I started training at The Korean Hwarang Martial Arts Federation.  Within 2 weeks I noticed an improvement not only in my back, but also in my strength, endurance and flexibility.  Three months later I have lost a decent amount of weight and I feel better both physically and mentally than I have in a long time”.
“Grand Master Hud’s instruction and training methods are rooted in old Korean history and traditions, instilling confidence and teaching combative skills that are applicable to real modern day situations.  With a unique style of blending both advanced and beginner techniques when teaching new students, the novice can obtain useful offensive skills from day one”.
“Where many martial arts schools will nickel and dime a student for everything involved in their training, from their uniform to the testing fees when they rank up, The Korean Hwarang Martial Arts Federation® is refreshing, with teachers who seem to truly be teaching for the purpose of spreading their love for the art”.
“I would recommend The Korean Hwarang Martial Arts Federation® to anyone seeking traditional training in an authentic combative martial art.  The physical benefits andmental discipline are noticeable within the first few weeks of training, and the legitimacy, sincerity and quality of Grand Master ‘Hud’, and teachers is excellent!”

Member “Cameron” Handyside
Test Lead of Quality Assurance(Video Games Company)
Senior 8th Grade Yellow Belt – Black Stripe (Hwa Rang Mul Sul)           
“My first experience of martial arts was taught through a traditional Oriental gentleman who was the keeper of the art, “Shaolin Lohan Pai,” whom I trained under while in service to the military. Ever since this training I have looked for an older style martial arts that believes in pushing your body and mind to its limits.”
“And well I have found such a home at Hwarang Mul Sul. With the short time training under Grand Master Hud, I have been able to get back my flexibility and power that was lost long ago”.
“I have tried different martial art schools at times and never have I been able to find such traditional training as this. I am greatly appreciative that Grand Master “Hud” has taken myself and my son on as a student. My 9 year old son and I have been training together for over 3 years now and he loves the competitiveness brought about in Grand Master Hud’s classes. Along with a sense of self appreciation my son is learning to take on a new confidence, doing the same training and workouts as the adults do.”
Member “Albert” Gonzalez
Engineer Tech/Designer(Largest Design Company for planes)
Senior 5th Grade Green Belt – Black Stripe (Hwa Rang Mul Sul)

“This is my own little success story on how I lost 37 lbs. in just 2 months studying under Grand Master ‘Hud’ on October 13, 2010.  I joined the dojang with 332 lbs on my body.  With Grand Master ‘Hud’ guidance, encouragement, and through his teachings in training I was able to loose that 37 lbs., and still continue to do so to this day.  My ideal weight I wish to reach is 209 lbs.”
“I have plans to join the military, (Kuk Sa-nim) Grand Master  ‘Hud’ has also constructed a training program to help me get ready for boot camp.  It is going to be a long hard journey for me to lose more weight, and join the military, but with Grand Master ‘Hud’ at my side, and all his knowledge, training, and encouragement I have learned that I can take on the World for once in my life, he has shown me a new way of life with many goals to set that I have never seen, or had before.  Thank you Grand Master ‘Hud’.”
Member “Andrew” Lewis
Senior 8th Grade Yellow Belt(Hwa Rang Mul Sul)
“I started martial arts training about 22 years ago.  The first style I studied and achieved a black belt in is Tang Soo Do.  Since leaving that school I have spent years studying other styles including Kung Fu, Combatan, and Krav Maga. None of the other styles match what you learn when you study under Grand Master Hud.”

“From the first class it was obvious that he was nothing like any of the other masters I studied under.  I am always learning from Grand Master Hud, in class as well as in conversation. Two things I have learned about Grand Master “Hud”  that sets him apart from all other masters regardless of style (which I will get to next) are as follows.  First he is not just a martial arts instructor, he is a martial artist. Grand Master “Hud’ has and continues to live the life of a true warrior. Second he does not just teach martial arts, he makes martial artist. Everything you achieve you earn every step of the way.”

“Until I started learning Hwarang Mul Sul it was always my opinion that no style was superior to any other.  Hwarang Mul Sul is the parentof the Korean styles of martial arts and some others.  That and the fact that Grand Master Hud teaches the way it was taught back in Old Korea the way it was passed onto Grand Master Hud from his master in Korea makes this superior to any schools or styles I have ever encountered.  I have lost 20+ lbs. within this training under Grand Master Hud’s supervision.”

“You can go to any school and learn martial arts, and in a few years get a black belt.  If however your goal is to become a martial artist this is the only school for you.”

Member “Ivan” Wilcox
Senior 1st Grade Red Belt (Hwa Rang Mul Sul)
1st Dan – Il Dan Black Belt (Tang Soo Do)
“Ever since, I was a kid, I have always wanted to join amartial arts class. Problem was, I never had the money, or the time”.
“Grand Master Hud’s classes are very flexible, and I enjoy going when I can.  I joined the Hwarang school in September, and I’ve already lost over ten pounds! In just four short months, I’ve dropped four pant sizes, and can almost fit into a smaller size already”.
My friends and family have noticed the weight loss, and also the strength I’ve started to develop.
The best part, if there’s something bothering you, Grand Master Hud will listen without judging and will offer advice and teach you, that you’re not alone. I’ve suffered through depression for my entire life. Grand Master Hud constantly helps me keep my head high, and spirits up.
I highly recommend The Korean Hwarang Martial Arts Federation® to anyone who’ll listen. Whether they want to learn a martial arts, or are struggling to lose weight, I will always refer them to Grand Master Hud, and the Hwarang school in Everett.

Member “Alayana” Bryant
Senior 9th Grade White Belt (Hwa Rang Mul Sul)

I began with Grand Master Hud about 4 months ago and in that short time his teachings in the Korean Hwarang Martial Arts regarding body, mind, and spirit have changed my life forever.
I was involved in Martial Arts when I was a teenager and studied another Korean style which to my dismay turned out to be a non-traditional form of Korean Martial Art.  Later on in life, I continued to dabble in Martial Arts in College but just did not make the time to join a professional organization. As I settled in to my career of 15 years I traveled for business and as a result gained close to 40 lbs in that time frame, and simply ignored all the benefits about long term exercise routine. 30 Years later I was emotionally at the end of my rope, physically overweight, and my sprit simply not in touch with anything, which mourned the loss of my children to Hard Core Drugs.
I started exercising about 30 min each day to help my depression, weight gain, and as another form of distressing after a long day’s work.  But even though it helped, it still was not enough for me to feel good about myself and lift my spirits. My counselor recommended I really take a big leap and do something for myself to help build my confidence and self-esteem. Something that could create the bond of friendship and family again, challenge me, and give me an opportunity to learn something new and create a rewarding experience for me over time.
I searched across the Internet in the Washington Area for Schools that had similar styles and found the exact style I had learned many years ago. But after doing careful research I found that this school was simply after money rather than teaching the true meaning of martial art. I wanted to learn a combination of styles that would teach me the correct way to use my body, and mind in unison with weapons, self-defense and traditional technique. I wanted to learn from the best to be the best.
I came across Grand Master Hud’s Website and spent many hours doing research and studied every part of the content. It was very different than most of the other Martial Art offerings that I reviewed. I was very excited and sent an email to Grand Master Hud and within an hour received a response. I came in to see him the same day.
I asked if I could watch the class practice and I was absolutely amazed at the forms, skills and expertise his students possessed. He asked if I wanted to take a demo class that evening and I simply could not resist.  Two hours later after doing intense training and exercise I had sweat more in that I one session than I had in a week of my daily exercise routine.  I also learned how to protect myself from harm, push my body to limits that I had not done in years, and felt absolutely wonderful after completing the class. I signed up that day and have never regretted my decision.
Grand Master Hud is a deeply committed person, this is his life and I am honored to meet such a talented individual. He is very patient with me and has created a personalized learning process to help me get back my body in shape, my mind to heal, and my spirit to move forward. I have learned so much about the style including countless combat hand/feet techniques, over 50 kicks, several unique patterns, and 5 different styles of weapons in such a short time frame.  His willingness to teach above all else made me believe that true martial art comes from the heart.

Member “Rohan” Kulkarni
Senior 9th grade White Belt (Hwa Rang Mul Sul)
I first met Grand Master Hud just over 30 years ago when I joined his martial arts class in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I spent only about 6 months or so in his class before I decided I needed the time for other pursuits, but in that short time had come to respect Grand Master Hud for his excellent level of skills in his art as well as his disciplined approach to teaching his students.  I re-connected with Grand Master Hud a couple of years ago via e-mail after looking to see if Google could find him.  We talk on the phone regularly now, and it feels as though we had never lost contact even though it had been 3 decades.
I studied a form of Karate (brought to Vancouver from Hawaii in the 70’s by sensei Yuwa Wong) called “Nisei Karate”, for 20 plus years, attaining the level of Nidan or 2nd degree black belt, so Grand Master and I had much of common interest to discuss.  I became close friends with some of the members in my Vancouver Karate circle, to the point of feeling like family, but at the same time I noticed a certain reluctance to ask too many questions about our shared martial art.  Grand Master Hud has shown to me that he has a very open and curious mind and is willing at all times to see things for what they truly are…stripped of all distortion or illusion.
He has also impressed me with his ability to listen and genuinely share life experiences.  I respect and admire him tremendously for his compassion for his students and his desire to see each and every one of them become the best they can be.  He commits himself to achieving the greatest good for anyone in his care, a quality that is as worthy of admiration as it is rare.
I am very proud to consider Grand Master Hud both my Martial Arts master and close friend.
Sensei Dorian Melton(Former student of Grand Master Hud)
Ni-dan – 2 Degree Black Belt (Nisei Karate)